by Desmond Lee

Poster It was a spectacular evening at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Wahyanites of the past and the present arrived much earlier than expected while the student volunteers were still desperately preparing for the event. Not surprisingly, The Mummy drew over 1,000 people courtesy of the fervent support from our schoolmates. The pre-show cocktail blended perfectly with chitchat and greeting to stir up the atmosphere. Prior to showing the movie, our principal Mr George Tam and the chairman of the organizing committee, Mr Peter Tam, addressed us. In-between, a souvenir presentation was held as a token of gratitude to all patrons.

I am sure many of you are still relishing the critically acclaimed picture which kept us so engrossed for a full two hours. Both exhilarating responses erupted throughout the screening and the excitement of seeing a movie with so many familiar faces were incredible. Apart from the enjoyment of a thoroughly entertaining film, the satisfaction derived from benefiting the present Wah Yan boys with improved school facilities is beyond words. The so-called fraternity is our unique Wah Yan culture.

Other than financial assistance, it was delightful to see the old boys working with the younger generations so cohesively to make this fund-raising activity highly successful. Instructed by the seniors, the juniors performed marvelously in decorating the venue, welcoming guests and ushering audience. The mutual respect and support have created an encouraging team spirit and from start to finish we hardly saw a single displeasing expression from the audience.

By the time when we learned that a net amount of over $600,000 was raised to install an air-conditioning system in science labs, all the efforts made had become worthwhile. Many thanks to all those who contributed their time and energy to make this show happen and may this truly remarkable Wah Yan spirit live forever.

Special thanks are extended to Main Sponsor Lawrence Yeung ('67) for his generous support of the event.