Dear Wahyanites,
Today I seek your cooperation and assistance in meeting the urgent need of our sister school in East Timor.
Some of the basic information on St. Joseph's School is contained below.
Recently, in Manila, the Jesuit Major Superiors of East Asia and Oceania recognized the urgent need of this institution in the year ahead. In solidarity, we are asking all the primary and secondary institutions of E.A.O. to come to its assistance.
We recommend that whenever possible, each class or section seek to contribute one scholarship, which costs US$425. In some circumstances, two or three sections could combine. In this way, the small contributions of our many schools around Asia and Oceania can come together to offer fraternal support in a very needy situation.
It would be much appreciated if this appeal could be made and completed before the beginning of November 2000.
Sincerely and gratefully,
Fr. John C. Coghlan, S.J.
This is a coed diocesan school, owned by Bishop Belo, and entrusted to Jesuit Administration since 1993. Its 300 students take a three-year course, building on nine years of earlier education. It is considered the best high school in the country.
About 75% of the graduates will go on to college. The vast majority will remain in East Timor and contribute to the growth of this very poor area, the youngest of the world's countries.
Up to July, 1999, the Indonesian Government contributed two thirds of the school's expenses. This support is no longer available. Additional funds were also raised from friends in Indonesia; these will probably dry up.
About 20% of the actual costs were charged to the students as tuition. But in this first year of independence, the city and country are so destroyed that even this low percentage cannot be charged.
Thus, it is necessary to plan on almost full support of the institution for 2000 - 2001, and partial support for some years ahead. The cost for this coming year will be US$127,000. Several gift opportunities are available:
a. A General Gift, of any amount, which can be used for general expenses;
b. Single scholarships, of US$425 each; 300 needed.
c. Special gifts:
  • Library..........................................
US$ 5,000
  • Laboratories..................................
US$ 2,750
  • Building Repair ............................
Please send any support, in US Dollars, to our account in Manila:
Account Name : Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania
Dollar Account No. : 6101-00053-2
Bank: Far East Bank & Trust Company, Loyola Heights Branch, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES Swift#: 088937
Please also indicate that it is for Colegio de S. Jose.