Jointly held by the PSAs of Hong Kong and Kowloon Wah Yan.
2nd Wah Yan 7-aside Football League

'AA' Team - the New Football Champion!
The Wah Yan Leauge cups, trophies and medals that 18 teams have been fighting for over 4 months.

Peter Tang writes: A sad day for Wah Yan Hong Kong boys but they have done their best - The Wah Yan football league final day ended up with both Wah Yan Kowloon teams winning their matches and fetching the Champion and the 2nd runners up title. Defending champion WYHIK96 could not maintain the trophy for a second year but they congratulated the new champion whole heartedly and maintained the spirits of sports. AA, the new champion, lost two important matches to WYHK96 and Friends during the qualifying round and was marginally qualified for the finals. It did not stand out and was missed by all commentators. However, once moved on to the finals, the skills of the AA players suddenly improved and the team form matured. AA's performance in the final round was the best among the 8 qualified teams and it deserves to be the champion!!

"Friends Vs ZBFC(L)" - ZBFC(L) lost their last game sadly with one serious casualty. That failure did not affect the players and they played calmly and wisely in this match. On the other hand, Friends aimed for the champion but ended up only fighting for the 2nd runners up title. Nevertheless, the players still fought on for their dignity. Unfortunately, with certain key players missing in this match due to injuries, Friends could not find a way to score. Ryan Tse's late goal was unbeatable and ZBFC(L) took the title with little difficulties.

"WYHK96 Vs AA" - From the outset, WYHK 96 only put two strikers in front with four defenders. On the other hand, AA kept their defence tight by maintaining three defenders, two midfielders and one centre forward. It was a bit boring during the first half as there was hardly any shooting on target. The 2nd half improved as the body strength of the players dropped and mistakes emerged. Both goalies performed well and so was the defence on two sides. The question was who could stand longer not to have a disatrous mistake. Both teams survived till the end of the official time. The next question was, could they play on as good as before. As a more mature team, AA found the opportunity and Chung Wai Shun scored a pretty but cruel goal only after 4 minutes during the sudden death extra time. Cheuk Che Yin maintained his top scorer award a second year but there was little that he could do to change his team's faith.

Cheuk completely paralysed by AA's tight defence.

WYHK96's strikers couldn't find any gap in AA's defence.

Another typical example of AA's strong defence - two on one with one more back up behind.

WYHK96's defenders and goalie did a very good job but only to delay their defeat.

AA's players out of control after Chung Wai Shun's decisive score.

Prize presentation - We have the honour of having the chairmans of both Past Student Associations as well as our Principal, Mr. George Tam, to be our guests for the prize presentation.

ZBFC (L)'s representatives get the 2nd runners up medals. Two of their players had been sent to the A&E Department during the last two matches.

Disappointed, defending Champion WYHK96 only get the 1st runners up award but they swear to come back for the trophy next year. Two of their players had been sent to the A&E Department during the last two matches.

Mr. George Tam congratulating the captain of AA, Leung King Biu, for their championship.

Mr. George Tam and the champion team.

Mr. K. K. Lam, chairman of WYHKPSA, presenting the top scorer award to Cheuk Che Yin.

The award winners, referees, and guests.

Thank you for all those that have been following this tournament on the web. Please look out for the Third Wah Yan League Tournament in late summer and we look forward to seeing more new faces, both on the field and on the side line.
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-5 Mar 2001