11 Jun 01 - PSA Annual General Meeting & 2001-02 Council:
The EGM, AGM and 2001-02 1st Council Meeting went smoothly last night at King Palace Restaurant. Michael Au was elected President. Kin Keung Lam and George Tam as Vice Presidents. Peter K.H. Tam as Chairman. Nicholas Tsui as Vice Chairman.
Newly elected Council Members photographed with Fr. Deignan, Fr. Coghlan, President Michael Au, Vice Presidents K.K. Lam and Geroge Tam.
Full list of 2001-02 Council Members: Billy Chan, C.T. Chan, Simon Chan, Nicholas Cheng, Cheung Yuk Lam (Secretary), Gary Ching, C.O. Fung, Armen Ho, Kenneth Ho, Silas Ho, Christopher Kho, Tommy Lai, Daniel Lam, Godfrey Lam, W.S. Lo, Kevin Mo, Sung Nee (Treasurer), Daniel So, Peter Tam (Chairman), Peter Tang, Nicholas Tsui (Vice Chairman), Mario Wong, Wallace Yiu and Leo Yu.
Head of Nomination Committee: Dr. Raymond Wong.
Honorary Auditor: Fong Hup.
Advisors: Fr. M. Baptista, Fr. J. Coghlan, Fr. A.J. Deignan, Fr. William Lo, Fr. J.M. Mallin, Fr. Robert Ng, Fr. Russell, Fr. George Zee, Mr. Lam Tuen Pui, Mr. Lee Siu Sun and Mrs. Mary Tam.
Legal Advisors: Mr. William Kwan, Mr. Maurice Lee and Mr. Michael Yung.

The meeting was followed by a dinner to celebrate Father's Day with the Jesuit Fathers who attended. Out going Chairman Lam Kin Keung presented a small gift to each of the Fathers as a token of appreciation of their dedication to Wah Yan.

On behalf of all the 2000-01 Council Members: A big "THANK YOU!" to KK Lam for working so hard to make our lives easy.
-12 Jun 2001