Dinner in honour of visiting Provincial Father Superiors.

11 Dec 2001
A dinner held in the Fortune Room of the HK Jockey Club in Happy Valley was organized by PSA members to welcome the Provincial Father Superiors of the Society of Jesus who have come from various AsiaPacific countries.
Before dinner, the visitors were treated with a tour of Hong Kong Island. Desitnations visited include the Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wah Yan College where they were shown around the school premises by Principal George Tam, Repulse Bay, Stanley, Aberdeen, the Peak and the Court of Final Appeal in Central where they were received by the Honourable Jutice Chan, a Wahyanite himself.

Fathers who joined the tour and dinner included:
Fr. Ismael Zuloaga S.J. President of the Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania
Fr. Alfred J. Deignan S.J. Regional Superior of Macau-Hongkong
Fr. Paul Wiryono S.J. Provincial of Indonesia
Fr. Daven Day S.J. Provincial of Australia
Fr. Redemptus Hardaputranta S.J. Superior of Thailand Region
Fr. William Rakowiez S.J. representing the Superior of Micronesia
Fr. Koichi Matsumoto S.J. Provincial of Japan
Fr. Matthias Chae Joon-ho S.J. Superior of Korea
Fr. Joseph Doan S.J. from Vietnam
Fr. Thomas Steinbugler S.J. from the Philippines
Fr. Priyono Morwan S.J. from Indonesia

Visiting Fathers who could not join us on the day were:
Fr. Paul Tan S.J. Regional Assistant to Fr. General in Rome (Originally from Malaysia)
Fr. Beda Liu Chia-Cheng S.J. Provincial of China (Taiwan)
Fr. Romeo J. Intengan S.J. Provincial of the Philippines
Fr. Anthony Lim S.J. Superior of Malaysia-Singapore

Representing the PSA and Wah Yan HK & KL were:
Honourable Justice Patrick Chan (old boy of WYHK)
Mr. George Tam (WYHK Principal)
Mr. Norman So (WYKL Principal)
Mr. Patrick Wu (WYHK PSA Past President)
Mr. Michael Au (WYHK PSA President)
Mr. Kin Keung Lam (WYHK PSA Vice President)
Mr. Peter Tam (WYHK PSA Chairman)
Mr. Nicholas Tsui (WYHK PSA Vice Chairman)
Mr. Sung Nee (WYHK PSA Treasurer)
Mr. Simon Chan (WYHK PSA Entertainment Convenor)
Mr. Nelson Ho (WYKL PSA Chairman)
Mr. Ronnie Kung (WYKL PSA Vice Chairman)
Mr. Dominic Lee (WYKL PSA)

-12 Dec 2001