3rd Wah Yan Football League - Video Clips (Broadband connection recommended)

16 Mar 2002. Grand Final.
Captions written by Peter Tang.

AA vs SRP1 ˇV Fight for the 2nd runners up:
Clip 001: Keep the ball low please.
Clip 002: Take it easy man, he didnˇ¦t push you.
Clip 003: He could have scored if only ˇK
Clip 004: This shot was too high.
Clip 005: Wow, just missed the target.
Clip 006: If only thereˇ¦s more luck ˇKˇK
Clip 007: A foul? Mr. Referee, we all think he fell on his own.
Clip 008: XXX, not suitable for children!
Clip 009: Itˇ¦s really close.
Clip 010: A good header but not on target.
Clip 011: Good turn around but missed again.
Clip 012: No. 6, you gave away the game.
Clip 013: Sudden death, itˇ¦s cruel!

Friends vs Grand Sport ˇV Championship match:
Clip 014: Daddy, wish you good luck.
Clip 015: Itˇ¦s a truly enjoyable function for our wives, kids and families.
Clip 016: Kick off.
Clip 017: One on one, itˇ¦s very tight.
Clip 018: Two on two, an eye for an eye.
Clip 019: A good save from Friendˇ¦s goalie.
Clip 020: At the start, Grand Sport had a very strong defence.
Clip 021: From defence to attack, Grand Sport looked promising.
Clip 022: Grand Sport came again, they still looked good.
Clip 023: Grand Sport continued to dominate the first half.
Clip 024: A careless mistake from Grand Sportˇ¦s defender. It could have been an ˇ§own goalˇ¨.
Clip 025: Friendˇ¦s defender stole the ball.
Clip 026: Friends fighting back in the second half.
Clip 027: Friends started to pick up their form.
Clip 028: Grand Sport managed to maintain the pressure.
Clip 029: Time passed, the threat to Friendˇ¦s goalie eased.
Clip 030: Good commentating.
Clip 031: Grand Sport came back suddenly but Friendˇ¦s goalie had a great save!
Clip 032: A ˇ§grenade throwˇ¨ from Friends rung the bell.
Clip 033: Decisive and disappointing! If Anthony Cheng scored this shot, he would have shared the top scorer award with others and Grand Sport could have been the Champion.
Clip 034: Towards the end, Grand Sport started making mistakes.
Clip 035: Fatigue means more chances for injuries.
Clip 036: Behave yourself, said the referee.
Clip 037: Donˇ¦t be mistaken, this was not a goal.
Clip 038: We had a good mix of spectators, from babies to fathers and grandpas!?
Clip 039: Here comes the Champion ˇV golden score by Friends in the extra time.

Prize presentation ceremony:
Clip 040: A token of thanks to the referees.
Clip 041: Top scorers ˇV Jong Chung Yin and Cheuk Che Yin (absent).
Clip 042: 2nd runners up ˇV AA.
Clip 043: 2nd runners up ˇV AA.
Clip 044: 1st runners up ˇV Grand Sport
Clip 045: 1st runners up ˇV Grand Sport
Clip 046: Champion ˇV Friends 1
Clip 047: Champion ˇV Friends 1
Clip 048: The award winners.