Old boys urged to share knowledge with students at sharing session with Lee Kwok Pui.
Photos by Simon Chan
Mr. Lee Kwok Pui, retired Wah Yan teacher (affectionately known as 'Atomic Dust' by most), was invited by Council Chairman Peter Tam to speak in the last Council Meeting of the 2001-02 term last night.
In a sincere and motivating speech, Mr. Lee reminisced on the good old days when Wah Yan had over twenty five priests at one time. He then went on to commend on the strong ties and affections to-day's old boys had for their mother school. However, he suggested that other than monetary support, old boys could help the school even further by becoming mentors and role models who were willing to share their knowledge, experience and general outlook on life with the studying students. He said that such a move would help to ease the gradual down-grading of standards in moral education caused by the continuous diminishing number of priests. 'The knowledge and experience of old boys are the greatest assets of Wah Yan....use them!' he said.
Mr. Lee taught in WYHK from 1960 to 1991 when he emmigrated to Australia where he continued to teach for ten years until his recent retirement. He is now back in Hong Kong and is helping the school out by teaching part time there. Mr. Lee is highly appreciated for his devotion to the school and for his enthusiasm in taking part in PSA activities, including the upcoming International Conference to be held in Toronto at the end of June.
-14 May 2002