• Celebrating WHO's lifting of travel advisory

  • Immediately following the World Health Organization's lifting of its international travel advisory against visiting Hong Kong yesterday (23rd May 2003), many Hong Kong residents ate out to celebrate for the first time in over 50 days. Members of WYHK basketball school team of the '60s too were doing their share of reviving Hong Kong's economy at the New Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Back row L to R: Lawrence Yeung (fan), To Man Kuen (team member), Nick Tsui (fan), Peter Tam (team captain), James Yeung (team member); Front row L to R: Patrick Lam (he played badmington but attended this gathering because he couldn't locate his badmington teammates), Mario Lee Mui Lam (team captain), Peter Lam (Internet comic guru responsible for cheering up the class of 67 by providing daily entertainment during the SARS attack, James Wong (fan). The redness and the dazed look on the faces were caused by the chilled Japanese Sake.

    According to the managing director of the New Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant, wife of Mario Lee Mui Lam, their restaurant is happy to offer a special 10% discount (except for items on set menu) to all Wahyanites from both the Hong Kong and Kowloon schools. "Just ask for Poon Shou Ying", she said. The restaurant offers an interesting combination of Japanese and French cuisines.
    Goose Liver Fried Rice - highly recommended!!
    Mrs. Lee's name card. Location map of restaurant.

    (Wahyanites who wish to promote their businesses and services on the PSA web site for free may contact Nick Tsui by email)