• Class of 1964 Gathering
  • Classmates of 64 had a dinner gathering on Tuesday, the 8th July. It was attended by 19 classmates and a former teacher Mr. Lee Kwok Pui. Because class 64 has two Jesuit Priests, namely, Fr. Robert Ng S.J. (standing 8th from left) and Fr. Thomas Leung (standing 10th from left in the attached group photo), Fr. Robert Ng was asked to say grace before the start of the dinner. Fr. Thomas Leung, himself taking care of marriage councilling, spoke on how to keep a loving and caring marriage particularly when most of us are in our late fifties and have married for close to or over 30 years. We also asked Lee Sir "to lecture" us. It looked such a serious evening and all were careful with their choice of words but all burst into laughters when one classmate asked Fr. Leung how to deal with templation aroused by young woman in the street. Fr. Leung gave us a very good direction after fellow classmates jumped into giving various advice.

    The gathering discussed about arrangements for the 40th Anniversary Re-union next year in Vancouver in summer and Hong Kong on 20th December, 2004 when the International Conference 2004 will be held here.

    All, the retired teacher, Jesuit Priests, doctors, bankers, educationists, merchants, solicitors, etc present had an enjoyable and memorable evening.


    Peter Tam

    - 2003.07.14