• SMC Gathering 18 July
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    A good dosage of laughters and simple food made the SMC Dinner a wonderful night out even for a 40 yr. old Web Master ! The boys were singing and talk-showing like they had rehearsed for ages when everything were in fact done impromptu ! 70 youngsters from Form 6 to undergrats reunioned exchanging strange looks at each other when they discovered how much they changed in hairstyle and the likes but yet how little they had changed in the way they remain a Wahyanite forever.
    Please also join us in our prayers for Cheng Chi To ('98) who will undergo a major brain surgery on Tuesday (22 July) to remove a tumor. Ah To will be in good hands at the Pamela Youde Eastern Hospital where another old boy will be looking after him. Ah To is the guy in the blue shirt and a red tee in the last picture.
    (SMC stands for Student Members Committee. It is a sub-committee of the Past Students Association taking care of young members within the first 5 years of their Form 5 graduation).
    - 2003.07.21