• Our re-enlightened friends on the East Coast
  • Thank you for keeping us in your mind from such a distance. Power had been gradually restored in the New York City area all day yesterday to full supply by 9 p.m. The suburbs and New Jersey fared better (no blackout in Massachusetts though) with power resuming early in the morning or even during the night. Some of our members who worked in NYC could not go home the night of the blackout due to the shutdown of the subway and commuter trains and the shortage of taxis and hired cars (gasoline pumps were dead). One who was supposed to be flying out to HK yesterday is still stranded in the airport as of this writing. We all survived somehow. The blackout is now history!
    Once again, we appreciate your kind e-mail. The student ambassadors are expected as planned and we shall be giving them an entertaining and educational experience.
    Best regards,
    James Wong
    International Convenor
    U. S. Eastern Chapter
    - 2003.08.17