5th Wah Yan League Cup Football Tournament

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    - Last update: 2004.03.28

  • Championship Match Report

  • Supreme (WYHK) fetched the champion cup from the hands of Nice Team (WYK) with a 3-2 victory in front of a crowd of around 150 during the Wah Yan Kowloon open day. As anticipated, the game was enjoyable and full of excitement. Nice Team, last year’s champion, started the game with superb performance but they were shocked by Supreme’s captain, Arthur Wong, heading in a grenade side ball throw. The game continued on with quality display and the first half saw Supreme leading by 1-0. Shortly after the two teams returned to the pitch, Bryant Siu headed in Supreme’s second surprise goal from a brilliant pass. This did not discourage the Kowloon boys and the match was pushed to a climax when the young Hong Kong international, Poon Chun Yu, quickly scored in close range narrowing the gap to 1-2. Nice Team could have equalized from a sudden pass that crossed a few feet in front of the helpless Supreme goalie but it happened so fast that everyone there missed the touch. Nice Team continued on and dominated the game keeping the ball well in possession. However, they have to pay for their neglect when Philip Cheuk, who had narrowly missed the goal bars twice, was left unmarked. Cheuk demonstrated to his opponents that he deserves to be the top scorer for five straight seasons when his head flicked in his 10th goal in this term. This important score looked critical and caused the spectators to hold their breath. But Poon Chun Yu promptly showed his international player’s talent and finished his dual stirring up the hope of his fans. At this stage, it looked as if Supreme would be torn apart any minute but they held on until the referee blew the stoppage whistle to finish the derby. It was a good game with Nice Team putting up a number of splendid and spectacular attacks but they would never forgive themselves for losing three headers in a tiny pitch. Well done Supreme and congradulations to Philip Cheuk.

    - Peter 2004.03.28

  • Guess the Winner Competition
  • The unofficial odds for Nice Team was 1.6 whereas that for Supreme was 2.7, but each of the five lucky contestants correctly predicting the winner can only take a bottle of fine wine from our Mt. Perish cellar. They are Nick Tsui, Chiwi Lai, Sham Leo, Daniel So and Lau Fu Keung.

    - Peter 2004.03.28

  • Arsenal vs Manchester United?
  • There's no better comparsion for this year's football league cup grand final. Defending champion Nice Team (WYK) will be challenged by Supreme (WYHK), made up of members from the champion of the first league cup including the four time top scorer holder. However, they still have their ex-Hong Kong national junior and other talented players in their camp. A true Derby between the Kowloon and Hong Kong schools. We definitely will be having the tightest game that this tournament has ever witnessed. Our commentator is predicting a 2-2 draw during the regular play time but can't make up his mind as to the final outcome in the sudden death exposure. Mark your diary and come along not only to cheer for the teams but also for your school - 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, 27 March 2004.

    VOTE to Win a Bottle of Wine (Closed)

    To make the event more fun, there will be a Guess the winner competition for all Wahyanties. Simply click VOTE (link closed) to vote online any time before 11:59 p.m. on 25 March 2004 (Thursday). Deadline for collection of the prizes will be the 2004 Wah Yan Re-Union Dinner to be held on 15 November, the day after the International Conference. So, overseas voters, you can take your time to plan the collection of your prizes ahead!

    - Peter 2004.03.02

  • Football League Cup update
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! S & P and 1998 qualified for the Football League Cup finals whilst Soccer Mania 2003 and Friends have to work harder in the consolation matches. Jason Wu of Seven played his hat-trick a second time to continue his lead for the top scoreer title.

    - 2003.12.08

  • Football League Cup update
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! Nice Team and AA has been promoted to the Football League Cup finals whilst Schizer and G.O.D. will continue to fight for their rankings in the consolation matches. The qualifiers for the other Groups will be known in the following weekends.

    - 2003.12.02

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