• Keep for a Lifetime All That's Noble and True
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    A useful phrase for modern life in Hong Kong, reminded us Dr. William Ho Siu Wai ('73) , the Chief Executive of Health Authority gave a touching speech last evening at the Speech Day ceremony.

    Dr. Ho shared with the 2003 graduates how Wah Yan education had guided him throughout his medical career. By acting upon the lyrics of our School Song living out the Jesuit teachings, he found himself doing all the right things at difficult times even when those decisions might not have benefited his self interests. Still, he told the graduate he was happy, proud and at peace with all those difficult decisions. Facing criticisms ill intended or otherwise, he had acted out "Come praise or come blame, we hold our heads high". A valuable parting present for the boys of 2002/03 upon embarking upon a long and hard journey in life.

    That apart, the students gave a fantastic performance which climaxed with a Chinese Drum choreography led by Form 5 Venture Scout Peter Lee ! The Chinese Orchestra once more excelled themselves, 3 cheers to maestro Mr. Ng.

    Over 120 joined the buffet dinner afterwards while enjoying the superb performance all run by students. All-in-all an absolutely fabulous evening.

    - 2003.11.13