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Annual Ball 2003 Invitation

Broadway "Live in HK" on Dec 20th at HKCEC!

In action we proudly present a special show by Ms Alice Lau, who shot to fame with her stunning performance in "I have a date with Spring". Accompanying her will be Muse, an energetic dance group combining talents from New York and Hong Kong. Debutant Wah Yan Orchestra will perform classic Broadway hits masterfully rearranged by Mr John Lam. Yet again, our good old pal James Chan ('67) and his buddies are itching for a reunion gig. To answer your request for more twists and shouts, the versatile Yellow Bird band will play a rich collection of golden oldies.

Thanks to the continuous support from Patek Philippe, Cathay Pacific, and Dragon Air, the grand lucky draw is as enticing as ever. There is no excuse for not bringing your friends and relatives to this traditional highlight. The WYPSA belongs to everyone of us and we anticipate your kindest contribution.

Surely a Feverous Saturday Night to Remember!

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