• Spring Dinner - photos ready!

  • Once again, the most be-fitting event of the year, One Family! Boys and parents from Homantin, Wanchai, Siu Fai Terrace and old boys from all corners of the earth. Yes, including Vancouver, Toronto and L.A. ! Even Fr. Mallin who is usually shy about these gatherings graced the dinner. Very festive performances by the PSA Chinese Orchestra led by Paul Yu ('97) and a captivating "Face Change" show by a State Secret or Treasure kept by the Kowloon brothers. Frankly, you'd have to see it to beleive it ! Too bad you weren't there. The PSA would like to thank the organising sub-committee from both sides of the harbour and Simon Chan the PTA chairman for bringing the Family together once again to a superb yearly Spring gathering.

    Click here to view Johnnie Lo's Photo Album A and Album B of the evening's events, or Gavin Lam's short video of PSA Chinese Orchestra.

    Click below to download the greetings (Powerpoint slides and a recorded-message) from our overseas chapters.

    - 2004.02.16