• Hikers' Premier
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    At the School Walkathon on Sunday Ho Fu Wah led the boys (men ?!!! and lady and dog...) of the PIC Hikers' Club up the hills. We are relieved to report we did not get robbed. Contrary to popular belief, the 2 victims tied to a tree in Tai Tam Country Park were not Toby and Daniel !

    - 2004.03.01

  • Stretch your muscles in warm up ! Walkathon 29th Feb. (Sun)
  • Come to walk with the boys and parents ! Refreshing air to wash the memos and e-mails off your mind. The SDP Walkathon is a re-run of what was canceled during the SARS school suspension. See details from our SDP link please.
    To participate, fill in the Entry Form and the Sponsorship Form.
    - 2004.02.11