• Happy 77!
  • Happy 77!

  • Nearly 80 old boys sang "Happy Birthday" to Fr. Deignan last night at the Empire Hotel coffee shop. Dominic Lee (WY Kowloon PSA President) who has excelled himself in arranging the venue for us, decided that so many were coming that he shut off the entire coffee shop for us !

    See here for photos of the happy moments of the evening.
    Click here for video clip (.wmv for broadband)

    Many more to come "Happy Birthday Father!"

    - 2004.03.24

  • 23 March 2004 Fr. Deignan's 77th Birthday Party
  • A small party for boys from both sides, about 30 people from each side max, so please contact Peter Tam soon if you are interested. Details here.
    - 2004.02.18