• "Pursue what you're interested in and you shall do well ....."
  • "Otherwise, you'll lose steam somewhere along the difficulties" Wise words from Wah Yan's proud son Prof. Kan Yuet Wai who met with a school hall load of students today. The Student Ambassador Club organized the visit where Prof. Kan expressed his feelings about Wah Yan and the students got to ask their new hero questions from uteral surgery to scientific ethics.

    When asked upon, Prof. Kan's most vivid recollection of his days in Wah Yan was that he never got any prizes but the Science teachers late Fr. Lawler and Mr. Hong-Choy did spark off his fascination towards science. He eventually gave up practising medicine to concentrate on research work leading him to his successes today.

    He also insisted that students should always repeatedly ask "Why why and why ?" in any kinds of learning. Porf. Kan is in HK this week to receive from Sir Run Run Shaw this evening the The Shaw Prize 2004.

    - 2004.09.07

  • Porf. Kan visits the Mother School

  • Old boy Professor Kan Yuet-Wei ('50), the winner of The Shaw Prize 2004 (sometimes it is considered as the Nobel Prize for Asia), will be receiving his Prize in Hong Kong this week. He has very kindly agreed to spare some time to visit Wah Yan. He will share with boys from the senior forms his way to success, as the world's most renowned researcher in medical genetics, hematology and oncology in University of California, San Francisco. Organised by the Cultural Ambassadors, this is a chance to meet a world class Chinese Wahyanite scientist. Tuesday 7th, 12 noon at the School Hall !
    - 2004.09.03

  • Winner of the "Oriental Nobel Prize"
  • Another proud son of Wah Yan. Professor Kan is amongst the 2 Chinese scholars who have been awarded the Sir Run Run Shaw Science Achievement Award. An honour which is commonly referred to, by those within the circle, as the "Oriental Nobel Prize". Click his picture to see details printed in the HK Economic Journal today.
    - 2004.05.28