• James Yeung... we are proud of you!
  • A fine example of lifelong learning, James Yeung Kit Choi was a Form 5D boy in 1967 who spent most of his time on the basketball court with his school team buddies. He never paid too much attention to his books. Yet more than three decades later, on 24 November 2004, he was conferred the Doctor of Business Administration degree.

    "I developed the interest to further study purely because I was influenced by Tao Man Kuen, one of my best friends in Wah Yan. He had two Master Degrees, so I thought I could do it too. Later, the more I studied, the more I felt I was really deficient in knowledge. So I kept going. I intend to do a PhD in History later on. However, I would like to take a little time off to enjoy life with my wife Dorothy and my family before I take up further studies," says Dr. James Yeung, the GM of Dragooair South East Asia.

    "I would like to share my experience with young Wahyanites and would like to say that the pursuance of knowledge is never enough, and thus is never ending. As long as there is a will, there is a way. It's never too late to try!" he continued.

    - 2004.11.26