• Our Student Ambassadors in Canada
  • News from Edmonton Chapter:
    It was our great honour to host the 2005 Wah Yan Student Ambassadors. Many of us attended the Welcome Dinner at the University of Alberta Faculty Club the evening of March 22 welcoming Student Ambassadors Peter Lee (WYCHK) and Michael Tsang (WYK) to Edmonton. We all agree that the meal arranged by Francis Yeh was delicious and that Peter and Michael's Powerpoint presentations were fascinating. We were all grateful to feel so close to our mother schools once again. Photos from this gathering are available on Yahoo! .....photo album

    A report by Tony Wong (WYHK '64) from Calgary:
    To: Respectable Reverand Fathers, Principals, Teachers & All big Brothers,
    It is our greatest honour to entertain the two Student Ambassadors on Marh 26 to 28, though Calgary is not the host chapter.
    We still recall the happy times with them to go to Drumheller, Banff and Lake Louise after they left us yesterday(28th). It seems that they are very interested in the Tyrell Museum of Dinosaurs. Most bones of "dinosaurs" pictures were taken by Peter insides the Museum. Michael even took a note book with him during the time insde the museum.
    However, we hope that they felt happy in our house.
    I am proud to let you all know that they won the applause from my wife Viola. She said the boys are in high discipline, especially they kept our house very orderly, and the washroom and bedrooms tidy and clean after the left us. They are well deserved to be elected as student ambassadors.
    The photos of this album were taken by Peter and I myself.
    Hope you enjoy viewing them...... photo album
    Tony Wong

    - 2005.03.31

  • Students Ambassadors off to Canada
  • Student Ambassador Peter Lee and WYK Ambassador Michael Tsang leave for Canada, Vice Chairman Wallace Yiu, Treasurer Gary Ching and Sir WS Lo sent them to the airport.
    See Photos.
    - 2005.03.19