Pilgrimage to Shangquan Island

Fr. Deignan, three other Jesuit Fathers and a bunch of old boys visited Shangquan Island on which St. Francis Xavier died of illness four centuries ago before he could reach mainland China which was a mere 20 kilometers away.

PSA Chairman Daniel So reports: The four Jesuits are Fr. Deignan, Fr. C. F. Kane (Xavier House), Fr. J. M. Hurley (WYK) and Fr. Paulus Agung (Ricci) and other particpants are PP Peter Hall, PP Luke Wong and Mrs. Wong (Julia), PP Peter Tam & Mrs. Tam (Winnie), PP KK Lam, Chairman Felix Tseng of WYKPSA, Yip Wah Ying and William Po from WYKPSA, Chairman Simon Chan of WYHK PTA and my humble self, 15 members in all. The trip is scheduled on weekdays to accomodate the Fathers who are exceedingly busy during the weekends. The group visited the memorial twice during the visit and held prayers inside the chapel. The experinces has been spiritually enlightening. Some of us are planning for a week end trip to the site in early July to accomodate the 'normal, working 'people and their family. Let me know by e-mail if anyone is interested.

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- 2005.05.26