A Round of Applause !

A tribute to the young men and women we are so proud of. The Hong Kong Graduates Alliance (HKGA) upstaged every star in the sky for the past 2 evenings. They undertook a remarkable endeavour and showed the audience what young minds can achieve once the objectives are clearly focused upon: 原創粵語音樂劇 “旭前行的軌跡”. They demonstrated their believes On-stage and Off-stage. 2'15" worth of original music and lyrics, dancing and acting all done in house by non-professional youngsters. Many of whom proud sons of Wah Yan. It was so touching that a retired Wahyanite who has spent his life in the show business, after watching the show, has decided to make one more movie about Youth & Convictions before he truly retires ! Click here to read more about the successful show.
- 2005.06.15