Dragon Boat WateruѶv

You may recall a year ago, yours truly went out to Turtle Cove at 5 am to cover the ritual swimming of retired teacher Mr. Fung Kam Sang on Dragon Boat day. Well we braved the rain and went again ! A bunch of young-at-heart old boys, Toby, Ah Cheuk, Ho Fu from 1980 + Stephen and Patrick from 1974 plunged into the cold water with Fung Sir. The truth is Fung Sir still out-swam all of us ! Afterwards, we all went to in Causeway Bay. In the middle of it, a young man approached the table to greet Fung Sir, he turned out ot be an '87 old boy. A picture seemed obligatory and here you are, click here. On the left is ùӫ Anthony('87). If you fancy a chat with Fung Sir, try the restaurant at 7:00am, he's there daily.
- 2006.05.31