Iron Fathers in Ireland !

We regret to inform you that Fr. Forley had passed away on September 4, 2006. Fr. Foley is now peacefully by God's side.

We recently received a number of updates on Fr. Forley and Fr. Farren, who are both retired and living in Ireland. We have captured all these news together to give you this summary:

Updated on 2006.07.08

Alfred Liu (’76) visited Fr. Foley and Fr. Farren in June 2006 and brought us these photos. Our beloved Fathers, both in their 80s are enjoying their retired life in Ireland. (Click on the photos for better view)

However, Fr. Foley has lost his vision in the left eye due to his current health conditions.









Fr. Farren, on the other hand, is still quite healthy as can be seen from his bright look.








Updated on 2006.07.22

The following message comes from Mrs. Helen Lee (one of our teacher from 1968 to 1988)

Dear 'Old boys of Wah Yan',
Some of you may 'cherish fond recollections of' Fr. Joseph Foley.  Others may remember him by the nickname of OO7.  Fr. Foley 'taught us the best things to choose'.  Yes, I mean 'us', including myself.  As his former colleague in Wah Yan HK (1974-78) and a friend ever since, I have benefited much from Fr. Foley's teachings, not just in words, but in deeds as well.  Even in my recent visit to him in the Jesuit nursing home in Dublin, I learned some valuable lessons.
Fr. Foley turned 85 at the end of April this year. When alumni of Class 62 visited him around that time, he appeared quite healthy except for pains in the knees and legs.  Soon after that, it was found that cancer was affecting his bones. Another affliction to his eyes caused his sight in the left eye.  Fortunately, his right eye is normal.  He is now being taken care of in the Jesuit nursing home Cherryfield Lodge, Cherryfield  Avenue, Dublin 6, Ireland. The doctors are focussed on pain control and restoring his energy.  It is good that the pain medication has been effective.
When I paid a brief visit to him at the end of June, I was impressed by his calm dispositions in his illness.  He was quite frail and lacked energy.  Most of the time, he stayed in bed. Yet, he made quite an effort to entertain visitors.  He showed much concern and consideration for others around him.  He was very courteous to the staff caregivers.  He lived Christ's teaching of being meek and humble of heart.
The alumni of Class 62 compiled a book entitled "To Father, with love" for him.  It is a collection of photos and writings from them.  Fr. Foley showed me this invaluable souvenir.  As I read through it, I learned more about the good he had done for his students. It was little wonder that they held him with 'love and affection'.
It was heartening to find that Fr. Foley still kept his sense of humour.  Once again, like my previous visit to him in Galway back in 2002, I was pleasantly surprised by his quick wit.  Combined with his knowledge of Cantonese, it enlivened our conversation.  
I think Fr. Foley appreciates greatly all the concern shown him.  A greeting card or note from a former student or friend will certainly mean a lot.  Prayers for his well-being are the best we can offer him.  May God grant him comfort, peace and joy.

Yours sincerely,
Helen Lee
Teacher at Wah Yan College HK (1968-88)

Updated on 2006.07.25

As re-posted from WYCHK web site:

Fr. A. Farren, S.J., is now having his retirement back in Galway, Ireland. However, 31st July 1956 was the date when he was ordained as a priest, before he was sent to Hong Kong and served in Wah Yan. Do send him a note and let him know that he has not been forgotten by us yet.

Here is a bit of Fr. Farren latest information, as reported by ϼ֥ (old boy from WYCK). (Click on the article to enlarge)










Update on August 29, 2006

One of our old boy (who remains annoymous) has recently written to Fr. Farren, who has now taken over Fr. Foley's pastoral duties at Ignatius Church at Dublin. Fr. Farren has replied back with the following depressing condition:

Fr.Foley, as you said in your letter, is in a critical condition. He is very weak and he is gradually getting weaker and is very dependent on the help of the nurses for all his needs, eating, moving. He is well-cared for and looked after and is very much at peace.
I will pass on your interest and concern to him through the nurses.
Keep him in your prayers.
With best wishes
Anthony Farren S.J.

After reading all these news, guess you know what to do...

It's never too late to act. Write to Fr. Farren and Fr. Foley to show that you care. Letters, cards, photos, all are welcome.

Here are the contact address for both Fathers.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Foley S.J

Cherryfield Lodge
Cherryfield Avenue
Dublin 6, Ireland
Tel: (353) 1-4985812
Fax: (353) 1-4970811

Rev. Fr. Anthony Farren S.J.

St. Ignatius
26 Sea Road
Galway, Ireland
Tel: (353) 091-501-500
Fax: (353) 091-501-501