Welcome to Vancouver !!!


The 10th Wah Yan International Conference (WYIC) has started. We will proud to bring you all the highlights from the events.

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The group photo (Click to enlarge)
  President Daniel So and Chairman Simon Chan presented a scroll of HK History as souvenir to the host chapter. Moses Lo of the Vancouver Chapter received our gift. (Click to enlarge)    
Registration Day (August 17, 2006) highlights:            
Getting ready for the event... Class of 67 Welcome Fr. Doyle Fr. Russell and Fr. Doyle  
Fung Sir's Arrival Principal Tam and Brian Tsui Meet the Chairman... Moses Lo Mrs. Old Boys!  

:From the fly on the wall in Vancouver;

Not everyone at the Conference was without complaint. Fr. Russell for instance blames the organizer that he wasn・t invited to IC2002 in Toronto and that they had willfully kept him from knowing how much fun it can be ! Fr. Rusell has so much fun in Vancouver there can only be one expression as the burger people would say :he・s lovin it;

We all know Mr. Fung is an avid swimmer but little do we know he is also a award winning loving husband. Mr. Fung left Vancouver the very morning after the meeting for he misses his wife so much. Next time when you go swimming with him or join him for morning tea, you may like to check his ears for evidence of discipline training by Mrs. Fung !!

For those who are into statistics, here are some interesting ones. There were 9 old boys at the Conference who had attended the Robinson Road campus, the oldest graduated in 1933 so if you knew the Jesus took over Wah Yan in 1932, you would also know he only had one year of Jesuit encounter. The youngest old boy there being our current Student Ambassador Alwin sat his School Cert exam in 2006.

The Hyatt is know for hosting big parties in Vancouver but 70 tables is not a common occurrence there, on the Gala Evening night, that・s exactly how many old boys attended !

Looking ahead, the next IC may happen in 2009 instead of 2008 to accommodate events of Wah Yan itself. It will be held in Hong Kong and looking still further ahead, you will get a chance to chance the roulette .cos we are going to Vegas in 2010 for the one to be held for the first time by the joint all-US Chapter !


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