"If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it well"

Mr. Lee Kwok Pui, more popularly known as "Atomic Dust" taught the old boys from 1980 tonight one handy but valuable motto in life. Mr. Lee went on to elaborate his firm belief in doing things "the right way". Many will remember Mr. Lee taught maths in school but often insisted students in pronouncing specific English words in classic correct phonetics. "It is important for teachers themselves to know and be confident that they are correct when passing on knowledge. It is hence imperative that they are linguistically competent" Mr Lee added. The 80's boys had a great evening with Mr. Lee. Cheung Yuk-lam even attempted to add a little magic (this video may take a minute to load) to the occasion but upstaged by his son Nevin.
- 2006.10.04