Wah Yan + Lunar New Year =

(From Wah Yan web site) Wahyanites can finally set up their own business in the Lunar New Year Fair (~d)!

With the aim to reinforce teamwork and brotherhood among Wahyanites, the Lunar New Year Fair Stall Organizing Committee, comprising the Student Association 2006-2007, Resurgence, and 10 other Form 4 and 6 students, put the idea of holding a stall in the Fair into actions.

Be sure to visit their booth in Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair from Feb 12 to Feb 17 to show your support.

- 2007.02.11

We won the Grand Prize!

We are happy to let you know that your support and concern and effort help the SA to win the Grand Prize in the New Year Stall Competition, organized by Shell and Hong Kong Youth Federation - it is a $10 000 prize!

A number of newspaper have this news cover, here is 1 for your reference - Yahoo News

Fr. Coghlan has passed on his congratulations to the WYSA teams:
"Please be kind enough to convey my heartiest congratulations to all those concerned with the Grand Prize effort. It was a great show."

Fr. Deignan also share his joy through this announcement:
"Congratulations" on the school winning the Grand Prize in the New Year Stall competition. Yes, Wallace, C.O.Fung and Gary deserve our sincere appreciation for all their help and of course the students who respondid so generously.

As a number mentioned it was a very good example of cooperation between Past and Present. Well done.

Click here to review their history-making photographic records.

Last by not least, the SA team's working moment had been captured by RTHK and can be viewed here (Windows Media Player Required).

Congratulations to the SA boys. Way to go!!!

- 2007.03.19