Welcome Dinner for Fr. Deignan's visit to Shanghai

PSA have just received the confirmed schedule of a group of Wahaynite visitors led by Fr. Deignan and they will be arriving Shanghai on the 9th April and return to Hong Kong on 14th April.   They will be visiting Jesuit establishments, churches, seminary and historic sites in Shanghai and Hangzhou area.  We have arranged a Welcome Dinner  at the following restaurant on the 10th April 2007 (Tuesday):

浦東 小南國地址:松林路357號 通茂大酒店 3樓,
電話:(8621) 68405688
餐廳部 (Not Sauna side) (上海菜)
Date: April 10th, 2007 Tuesday 7:00PM Under 鞠應忠  

Please join and tell every Wahyanite you know that resides in Shanghai or other parts of China or frequently visits the city to join. This will be a great opportunity for Wahyanites in China to meet up.  

For information, please contact Mr. Samual Kuk or Mr. Danial So

Mr. Samuel Kuk

Tel: (852) 9091-4688 - HK mobile
Tel: (86)1390174-8058 - Shanghai mobile  
Tel: (8621) 128 call 529035 Shanghai Pager
E-mail : samkyc818@netvigator.com

Mr. Daniel So

Tel: (852) 9424-1659 - HK Mobile
Tel: (86)13910404631 - China Mobile

- 2007.04.03