Dear Past Students,


Many of you may have read the headline in the Sing Pao Daily News on


7th September 2007 stating that I reject DSS for Wah Yan College.  This disturbed me


and I am sure many others.  This is regrettable.


I assure you that this statement is not mine. I do not think that I would be so foolish


to make such a statement while we are seriously going through the process  of examining


the feasibility of   DSS  as the best option for the future of the Wah Yans.


Please do not be taken in by the reporteríŽs view, something which often arises when a


person is interviewed by a reporter and  has no control over what is published afterwards.


Since this is a very important decision, a Task Force has been set up composed of


three Past Students from each of the Wah Yans  to examine the feasibility of DSS.


The members may have different viewpoints as we search together for what we


consider the  best for the future  Wah Yans.  We have met already and we will meet


soon a second  time  inviting the Education Bureau to send its  DSS Team to share


with  us details of the  scheme from their point of view. The Task Force will later


make recommendations to the Jesuits as the Sponsoring Body.


With sincerest gratitude for all your interest, concern and generous support.


May God bless you.


With very best wishes,



Alfred J. Deignan S.J.