Retreat at Salesian Retreat House (Update)

fun time

The PSA buddies and family and friends had a retreat in Cheung Chau on 10 & 11, November, 2007. They had a relaxed time with some inspired sharing. They wish more people to join them next year and this is also what we always hope for.

- 2007.11.12

Retreat at Salesian Retreat House 10th & 11th November

Peter Lai, PSA Chairman: "Hi! each year the PSA will hod a retreat for the alumni and family and friends to take a spiritual exercise. This year's retreat is set on 10th and 11th November, 2007 (Saturday & Sunday). We'll take a ferry to Cheung Chau at 3:00pm, on Saturday, stay a night at the Salesian Retreat House ( and leave on Sunday afternoon, at about 4:00pm. You can choose to join a Saturday session or Sunday session or stay overnight. If you are interested, please contact Peter Lai (9268-4637) or Peter Tam (9195-9040) asap."

- 2007.11.05