Pride of Wah Yan

The PSA and the old boys fraternity wish to extend our sincere congratulations to Godfrey Lam 林雲浩 (’86) who has been awarded the prestigious title of “Senior Counsel 資深大律師”.

Senior Counsel is an honorary title awarded to barristers of over 10 years experience and recognized by the profession as well as the Courts for having contributed valuable service to the community as a competent and honorable legal practitioner. Before the handover they used to be called “Queen’s Counsel”, a term still used in England and many Commonwealth Countries. For lawyers, they are also often referred to as ‘Silks’ on account of their special silk gown worn in open Court. The wig they wear, incidentally, is also different in style.

Godfrey is a dedicated member of the PSA Council for years and one of the two first Student Ambassadors of SOYs. Of our fraternity, Jason Pow S.C. our previous legal advisor, is also one. Mr. Patrick Yu, someone every lawyer looks up to as one of the most respectable and senior barristers in Hong Kong, is also a Wahyanite. He is famous for his declining the Silk status. So we will see the letters “S.C.” after Godfrey’s name from now on but we are sure dear old Godfrey is still the same good old friendly Wahyanite to us! Congratulations Godfrey!

- 2008.03.20