Hua Ren Pei Lin Primary School Q{ٳ¦ؤMp

Mr. Yen Ping Sei ('64), Mr. Lee K.P. (former teacher of WYCHK) and Mr. Raymond Yu (past student and former vice-principal of WYCHK) have contributed in their personal capacities to help rebuild a historic primary school in Longshan Township, Majiang Country, Guizhou Province which primarily is to give education to ethnic Miao children. To commemorate the devotion and generosity of these Wahyan gentlemen (past students and teachers) the school was given a new name as Hua Ren Pei Lin Primary School after its completion in November, 2007. A new phase of expansion work which is aimed to construct a three-storey 12 room multi-purpose building adjacent to the existing primary school will be taken if financial resources are secured. In addition, donations will be collected to assist needy students to continue their studies. Should Wah Yan old boys be interested in this school project, please consult Mr. Yen directly at 9654-0318 or Simon Chan at 9388-3368 for further information and advice. Download details in PDF format.

- Peter Lai

- 2008.04.29