Our Scouts did it again ...... !

After 16 months of intense training, hard labour, tears and sweat, our Carlton Competition Patrol made up of 9 Form 2 and Form 3 boys representing the Wah Yan 15th Hong Kong Group has won the Trophy again. This is the 8th time Hong Kong Wah Yan has won the trophy since after the War. Between 1988 and 1996, we also held the Championship non-stop in every competition. The Trophy Competition is run every 2 years for all the Scouts in Hong Kong. This year, our Patrol came 2nd in the District Round, then 1st in the Island Regional Round and now First in the SAR Round. In the picturefrom the left are: ݮ Nelson Mak, C~ Matthew Gieuw, Ĭ So Yau Wai, ʷ Ivan Leung, Զh Fan Yat Fai, Qʤ Chow Chun Man, l Wong Tsz Fung (also N Kit Leung who is not in the photo) 3 Cheers to our boys! Well done indeed.

- 2008.04.29