2013-2014 Mentorship Program

Contact info (email: info.wy.mentorship@gmail.com)

Executive Committee:
Founder: Willie Cheng 1980
Chair: Derek Lee 2001
Committee: Johnson Lam (1997), Justin Kwok (1998), Sunny Siu (1999), Felix Wai (2001), Collin Wong (2002), Matthew Fong (2002), Stephen Leung (2002)

Interview Workshop with Marymount (3rd May 2014 -upcoming)
Please contact 1. Student enquiries: Mr. Ivan Hau (kphau@wahyan.edu.hk) or
2. Alumni enquiries: Mr. Felix Wai (felixwai.wai@gmail.com)

Career Fair (15th Feb 2014)

Besides strengthening brotherhood among Wah Yan students and alumni, Wah Yan Mentorship Program aims to prepare students for lives after secondary school by introducing programs that stimulate students to think one step ahead. With this in mind, we introduced the Career Fair for the 2nd year in a row to students. The Career Fair was held on 15th Feb, 2014 (Sat from 2-5PM). As supposed to just inviting current students to join, we extended our invitation to Marymount Secondary School too which had 10+ students joining. This year, we introduced 10 industries for students to participate and each student would be able to attend 3 of their choices in three different sessions. We had: 1. Finance, 2. Accounting, 3. Economics research, 4. Dentistry/Medicine (Healthcare), 5. Legal, 6. Consulting, 7. Civil engineering, 8. Politics/civil services, 9. Architecture, and 10. IT. Together with MSS participation, we had 40+ students participating in talks held by 30+ old boys. We thanked Principal So, PSA chairman Silas, Marymount teachers and old girls, teachers, and mentors again for putting their time into nurturing and enriching students’ experience.

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Christmas Gathering with UK Chapter alumni (21st Dec 2013)

To celebrate the festive season, WYMP and Wah Yan UK Chapter hosted a Christmas gathering drinks at Yacht Club, Hong Kong. The gathering offered an opportunity for our mentors to share our experiences with UK Chapter alumni, who are mostly undergraduates, on their career aspirations and life goals. The gathering drew 50+ participants and it is always great to be able to re-connect with brothers from different parts of the world.

Meeting your mentors Lunch (4th Oct 2013)
To improve bonding between mentors and mentees this year, Wah Yan Mentorship Program took a major step forward by hosting its first event - Meeting Your Mentors, at Wah Yan College on Friday, 4 October 2013. More than 40 students and 20 mentors attended the event despite it was held on a weekday.

This year, the school formally recognizes the Program and treats it as part of the students’ academic program. Students who voluntary sign up to the Program will be rewarded with academic credits. We aim to assist the students to achieve a better result in their career choices and their future career paths while strengthening bonding among the Wah Yan community.

The event was hosted during lunch hour at the school and students were grouped in accordance with their career preferences to meet their respective mentors. Lunch was served and students took the opportunity to meet and to exchange ideas with mentors.

Besides giving students the chance to meet mentors, Wah Yan Mentorship Program has given each of the students a project to work with their mentors. Students will have to prepare their personal statement / CV / resume in preparation for one of our later events – Joint School Interview Workshop. Students will have the whole academic year to prepare the document and to discuss with the mentors. We note that there are no “best solution” to one’s personal statement / CV / resume but we hope, through this exercise, this can help students to:

  1. Create common goals between the mentors and the mentees so that they can work on something together as to establish bonding;
  2. Start preparation for their university interview;
  3. Develop their presentation skill; and
  4. Recognize their own achievement (in the course of developing their CV).

We hereby urge the mentors and the mentees to meet up more often this year and we look forward to see you all at the next event – Career Fairs at Wah Yan in February 2014.

One last word, many thanks to the mentors who attended the event on 4 October 2013 especially on a weekday. We appreciate your effort and time for this Program.

2012-2013 Mentorship Program

Words from Executive Committee:
The Committee would like to thank mentors for their support to the program. We hope you are able to find what you want from the program, either it is re-connecting with students and former classmates, or just the passion to serve the school!

Executive Committee:
Founder: Willie Cheng 1980
Chair: Derek Lee 2001
Committee: Johnson Lam (1997), Sunny Siu (1999), Felix Wai (2001), Matthew Fong (2002), Stephen Leung (2002), Collin Wong (2002)

Interview Workshop with MSS (20th Apr, 2013)
On 20 April 2013, Wah Yan Mentorship Program and Marymount Secondary School jointly organised an interview workshop at MSS’s campus for Wah Yan and MSS students. The program aimed to enhance the students with basic interview skills and to inform them with the current university application requirement. We hope this encourages students to commence university application preparation at an earlier date before it’s too late. Roughly 30 Wah Yan students and 30 Wah Yan mentors attended the event, along with 80+ participants from the MSS side.

To address students’ feedback from last year, we shortened the presentation and allocated more time to the interview practicing session on the day.

After introducing the basic interview skills, we immediately split the students into groups to practice individual and group interview. Mentors would be each group’s adjudicator and, according to the students’ performance, would offer feedbacks and opinions.

At the end of the event, mentors and mentees were given time to ask questions and to share with the general feedbacks as to the general performance and general feeling about the day.

Many thanks to the mentors for your undivided support to the Program. We look forward to the next academic year having the opportunity to work together again!

Matching Session (27th Oct 2012):
We had our second event of the year (Matching Session) on 27th Oct 2012 (2-5PM). Our committee has put a lot of effort to increase the interest from students. We invited Janice Chan as guest speaker for a talk on personality test. She emphasized knowing oneself could lead to better career choices and thus greater success in the future too. As the program was done shortly after our overwhelming career fair, we had a strong 40 participants for the day. Students expressed their gratitude that they joined the event that day as it gave them an opportunity to meet with old boys, whom also had a great time.

Message from Executive Committee:
We would like to thank all mentors again for all the support for the program. For those who will stay on this year, thanks for the continual contribution to Wah Yan. And for those who are quitting, thanks again for all the help and we look forward to hearing back from you soon.
As students participating in the Program increase, we are always looking for alumni who are eager to give back to Wah Yan.

Thanks again!

Executive Committee of Wah Yan Mentorship Program (2012.10.15)

2011-2012 Mentor List (In alphabetical order)

Chan, Danny '95

Hon, Ben '00

Lau, Edmond '99

Tam, Jeffrey '00

Chan, Sunny '00

Huang, Andrew '01

Lau, Edward '96

Tam, Vincent '00

Chan, William '85

Hung, Ting Ka '08

Lau, Kenneth '00

Tan, Farnder '02

Chau, Albert '01

Kung, Daniel '01

Lee, Sherman '99

Tse, Eric '97

Chen, Jason '00

Kwok, Justin '98

Leung, Steve '02

Tung, Rocky '00

Chong, Chris '01

Kwok, Keng Fai '00

Lo, Stephen '01

Wai, Justin '01

Chow, Philip '03

Kwong, Vincent '01

Lo, Ying Kin '00

Wong, Collin '02

Fong, Matthew '02

Lam, Chi Wai '95

Po, Ka Chi '99

Wong, Eric '01

Ho, Patrick '00

Lam, Joseph '01

Poon, Ka Ho '00

Wong, Mario '96

Ho, Terry '01

Lau, Eddie '97

Shui, Felix '01

Wong, Tommy '00

2011-2012 Mentorship Program Report (Career Fair)
On 15 September 2012 (Sat), Wah Yan Past Student Association ("WYPSA") hosted the first career fair at Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. More than 25 WYPSA members attended the event as mentors to give an overview of 11 different industries (namely, accounting, finance, law, dentistry/medicine, civil engineering, architect, education, management consultancy, marketing, insurance and economic research) to over 60 WY students, our mentees.

On the day, our principal – Mr. Tam, WYPSA’s Chairman – Simon Cheng, the founder of the WYCHK mentorship program, Willie Cheng and the current organizing committee of WYCHK mentorship program – Derek Lee shared and introduced the program to the mentees and shared our goals and vision to them. 

After the sharing session, the mentors then took the lead and split up into different groups to present their materials on each different industry to the mentees. The mentors had been putting quite some thought into their presentations. Some mentors prepared powerpoint presentations with pictures while others prepared surveys and games for the mentees to make the learning process more interactive and interesting.
We would like to say a big “thank you” to the mentors for their efforts in turning the event into a fabulous success. The feedback was extremely positive.
We will soon host the next event – matching session on 27 October 2012 (Sat) at Wah Yan College, Hong Kong for the Mentees to meet their Mentors. Hope to see you there.

We are currently accepting mentor application for 2012-13. We have 72 mentees (Form 5 students) this year and we would love to have your support here! Application Deadline: 1st September, 2012
Tentative schedule:
-Career Fair (September 2012)
-Matching session (October 2012)
-Marymount joint school event (March-May 2013)
-One social event to be organized between Oct and Mar
-Regular networking dinner event to be held every two months (email will be sent out)
Application deadline: 1st September, 2012
Please send application to info.wy.mentorship@gmail.com
Download “Mentor Application Form 2013” and "Mentee Application Form 2013" here.

2012 Mentorship Program Report

Opening Ceremony:
17 March 2012 (Saturday) marks the opening ceremony of Wah Yan College Hong Kong’s Mentorship Program for Year 2012. We received fervent responses and support from our enthusiastic mentors and mentees with over 80 Wahyanites attending the event.  It was a heartening, encouraging start, and it laid down the foundation for the 2012 Mentorship Program...full report

Interview Workshop:
The 2012 Joint School Interview Skills Workshop was held in the school hall of Marymount Secondary School on Saturday 12 May. This event, being part of the WYPSA/MSSAA mentorship program, was designed to introduce the idea of being interviewed to the current students of both schools. The event was well attended by over 150 mentors and students, and provided a very good opportunity for interaction between the alumni and students...full report


To all dearest Wahyanites:

We are grateful that Wah Yan Mentorship Program has entered the 6th year of making. First initiated by Willie Cheng (Class of 1980) in March 2007, the program draws more than 100 old boys each year, with events ranging from mentor sharing sessions, career and major fairs, and all the way to joint school events with Marymount. All these present Wahyanites across generations a golden opportunity to strengthen brotherhood, as well as to pass along Wah Yan values and tradition.

Unsatisfied with the status quo, 2012 Wah Yan Mentorship Program expands its coverage and will offer mentoring for current Form 5 students. With the change of educational system, nowadays students face increasing competition and challenges to succeed in lives. Backed by the depth of old boys’ lifelong experiences, the program aims to help students making informed decisions in regards to their future; in addition, the program ultimately strives to become a home for current and past students to interact, to share, and also to have fun!

We strongly encourage all of you to support this meaningful cause, and thanks to all the current and future mentors for all their efforts for their younger brothers and to our alma mater!

Raymond Yu
Chairman of Wah Yan (Hong Kong) Past Students Association


2012 mentorship program tentative schedule:
Sat 17th March, 2012
       -Kick-off Meeting (Program Introduction, Mentor and Mentee Initial Meeting, and various Sharing Sessions)
Sat 12th May 2012
       - Joint School Event with Marymount Secondary School alumni and students (Interview Workshop for University Application, College Fair and etc)
Oct 2012
      - Closing (Feedback Session, Speaker Series and etc)
      - Events such as“study abroad” session, hiking trip (TBD)

To apply, please fill in below application and return it back to info.wy.mentorship@gmail.com. Application deadline is 10th Mar, 2012.

Download “Mentor Application Form 2012” and "Mentee Application Form 2012" here.

WYCHK PSA Mentorship Program Executive Committee (in alphabetical order):
Johnson Lam (johnsonsolic@gmail.com)
Derek Lee (derekhyl@gmail.com)
William Ng (nyhwilliam@gmail.com)
Sunny Siu (sunny_siu@yahoo.com.hk)
Felix Wai (felix.wai.wy.mentorship@gmail.com)

Report on Joint School Mentorship Program (.pdf) :

2012.03.17 & 2012.05.12


Etiquette and interpersonal skills for workplace survival

PSA Mentorship Program donned its first group event on June 11, 2007 �V a social dinner with the theme "Etiquette and interpersonal skills for workplace survival". For details of this event, please click here to download the activity report (pdf file)
- 2007.10.01

Mentorship Programme - let our brotherhood strengthen!

The Wah Yan (Hong Kong) Past Students Association proudly presents the 1st Mentorship Programme to the members of their 20s and 30s.
The Opening Ceremony will take place at 2:00p.m. on 3rd March, 2007 in the Integrated Humanity Centre, or better known as the Ma Ying Library before, at the far end of the 2/F of the Laboratory Wing.
Program run-down for the Opening Ceremony can be downloaded here (pdf format).
Do come and let our brotherhood get stronger and stronger!
If you have any questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Ralph Tong or Mr. Willie Cheng.
- 2007.03.01

Opening Ceremony (March 3, 2007)

We are proud to report that over 60 people (montors/mentees) attend our Opening Ceremony. We would like to share some of the images with you. Please click here to view the photos.



- 2007.03.03



WYCHK PSA Mentorship Program

The WYCHK PSA Mentorship Program was first launched in March 2007. We are pleased to see it being nurtured in the hands of those who have supported and participated in the program.
The objective of the Mentorship Program is to provide a platform among Wahyanites of different generations to interact through a mentor-mentee relationship which is built on respect, caring, sharing, understanding and trust. Through this interaction, mentors, as elder brothers, shall positively influence their younger Wah Yan brothers in realizing their personal and career goals while gaining new perspectives from the mentees. In this way, the bonding of the Wah Yan Family can be further cemented.
If you are prepared to commit in the coming one year, we would like to extend our warm invitation to you to join us as mentors or mentees. You are also encouraged to recommend our program to our fellow Wahyanites who may be interested to join. Details of the program and application forms are uploaded onto the PSA website http://www.wahyan-psa.org . If you want to know more, please feel free to contact the following:
Johnson Lam (johnsonsolic@gmail.com)
Derek Lee (derekhyl@gmail.com)
William Ng (nyhwilliam@gmail.com)
Sunny Siu (sunny_siu@yahoo.com.hk)
Felix Wai (felix.wai.wy.mentorship@gmail.com)

We look forward to your participation in our program.