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  • 2007.07.10 Message from Alfred Liu ('76) (-submitted through Gavin Lam):
    "Attached are a few photos taken when I visited Fr. Farren at his place in Galway about 2 weeks ago. You can see that he is getting older looking and not feeling too well at the time when I paid him a visit due to the gall stones inside his body. However, he still has a very good memory. At his age (DOB: 4/9/1923), I guess he is better than a lot of people.
    Please share the photos with other Wah Yan old boys and I think Fr. Farren would appreciate if his students can remember his birthday (Sep 4, not too far from now). So please encourage them to send him a card or something around that time."
    His address is :-
    Fr. A. Farren, SJ.
    St. Ignatius
    27 Raleigh Road
    Republic of Ireland

  • 2004.04.11 WU CHUNG LIANG Joseph (61) posted this message: "I am so delighted to have found (Find-A-Wahyanite). If there are any Wahyanites in Connecticut or New England Area, would very much like to hear from you."

  • 2003.08.20 Our Football Master Peter Tang ('78) gained a new player for the team on Saturday (16 Aug 03). more

  • 2002.11.02 Gabriel Li looking for '63 classmates for 40th Anniversay reunion. Click here to read Gabriel's email message.

  • 2002.08.07 HKCEE 2002 Results.

  • 2002.07.26 Fr. Coghlan's letter of appeal for funding school in China.

  • 2002.05.24 Fr. Coghlan wishes to share this Irish World Cup Prayer with Wahyanites around the world.

  • 2002.05.14 Eric Wong Ka Chee ('88) is looking for friends David Ng, Lai Siu Kay, Brian Chu, Ying Ho Wan, etc. Please contact Eric by e-mail.

  • 2002.03.07 Wedding Announcement - Norman Fung ('88). more

  • 2002.02.19 Press Release: Response by Wah Yan College on the Paper for Long Term Management of Low Level Radioactive Waste issued by the Environment and Food Bureau. Download press release in .txt format in English and Chinese.

  • 2002.02.02 Fred To Yan Por (admitted to Wah Yan '47) is looking for Frankie Fung and Peter Tong. more

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  • 2001.10.08 Charles Yue Leung Cho ('56) still looking for Dr. Albert Leung. more

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  • 2001.09.14 Fax from Fr. Joseph Foley, S.J., Dublin, Ireland. more

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  • 2000.09.08 From Gavin Lam ('75), Class of '75 Reunion, San Franicisco. more

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