• HKCEE 2002 Results
    Toby Lo reports: 2002 may not be a very good year for Bordeaux wine but certainly a good year for Wah Yan. We are proud to announce our good results in this year's School Cert. Exam. 3 Wahyanites got 9 Distinctions and 2 of them also got Credits in the 10th subject which was "Religious Studies" (the late Fr. Daly would have been pleased). 2 other boys got 8 Distinctions and 2 more students got 7 Distinctions with 2 Credits. Indeed the whole of the Form 5 scored a whopping 185 Distinctions(14.3%) and 636 Credits (49.1%). This represents a hike of 70% and 20% respectively from last year and for those interested in statistics this is the best year since 1992. 99 students managed 14 points or above in the best 6 subjects. A total of 89 boys will be proudly wearing again our "In Hoc Signo Vinces" school badge this September.
    -7 August 2002