Johnson Chan Chung-Sang looking for Chan Chung Hon Arnold.

Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 10:47:38 +0800
From: Philip Ching
Dear Johnson,
With reference to your reply, I have forwarded your request to Leo Yu, our Membership Convenor, to help on the searching. You mentioned that you remember Raymond Yu Pui Lam, and I suggest the most effective way would be for you to make direct contact with Yu Pui Lam who can help you on the matter much easlier. Raymond Yu is now residing in Vancouver. His contact references are: Res. Tel: 604-26l7440, and M.P.No. is 604-649l5ll. Please advise result after your contact with Raymond Yu soonest.
Philip Ching

Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 12:40:39 -0700
From: Johnson Chan
Dear Philip,
Very sorry to have delayed replying your email of June19 due to the fact that I have been away from home travelling to China Mainland and have just returned home in Los Angeles last week. I am really very happy to receive response from you and I do hope something may finalize through your and Wah Yan Old Boys Association's help.
Enclosed is a photo of Form 4B taken on 11-5-53. Arnold is the 4th person from left at the last row and I was the 3rd in 2nd last. I am sorry that I cannot remember the names of my classmates (yer, I am getting old and my memory has faded a lot), but odds and ends names like Chan How Chi (1st left at 2nd row), Yu Pui Lam (4th right at 3rd) and others like Walter Hon (5A in 1954), Chan Chung Hon (5A in 1954) Arnold was my best school-mate and friend and he usually stayed at my home for lunches after school. He was living in Shouson Hill Road in Aberdeen with his brother, also an earlier graduate (1 or 2 years earlier than me) of Wah Yan HK. He left Wah Yan for the States after this class and I was promoted to Form 5B and passed the School Leaving Certificate Exam in 1954.
I am afraid that's all information I can give for time being, and if you have any other small details you want to clarify, feel free to email me as I shall mostly be at home during the coming several months except maybe some short out-of-states trips. Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you so very much for your assistance.
Johnson Chan Chung-Sang


Philip Ching wrote:
Dear Johnson,
Your email request to search for your classmate Arnold Chan(Chinn)  Man Chor in Form 3 or 4 reached me via my classmate Perry Siu King Shiu (Class Rep. of '54) thru Andrew Mak our International  Convenor. I checked the WYPSA's Who's Who Directory that you were admitted in Wah Yan HK in l946 while Chan Man Chor was in l945 respectively. Since I was also graduated from Form 5 in HKWY in l954, but either your name and Chan Man Chor are infamiliar to me. I wish you to double check and let me know more names of your classmates, since your graduation year should be very close to mine, and I'll see what we can do to locate Chan Man Chor for you. I do wish that I have your email address right and this email can reach you. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email, and looking forward to hear from again on the matter.
Philip Ching