Charles Yue's Messages
Subject: looking for class of 1958
Date: 9/21/01 7:07:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Cyfifish
Thank you so very much for your email. Yue Leung-Hang is my brother two years younger. Accordingly I was the class of 56 instead of 58. 1958 was the year I finished upper form six I would appreciate very much if you would pass on the inquiry to the right party and I still plan to come to HK before Christmas.
I began primary 5 at Robinson Road with Fr. Chan as room teacher and I think it was Form 3 that my class moved to Wanchai Queens Road. I am yours sincerely YUE Leung-Cho, Charles... Albert Leung was one my closest friends. He lived in Tin Lok Lane and went to HKU for his medical studies as we parted ways. Will be very happy to receive any leads.
I would appreciate the forwarding of this email to the appropriate person Shalom.
From Yue to You

Subject: happy surprise to see Wah Yan site
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 02:59:56 EDT
Very happy and surprised to encounter the Wah Yan College site while surfing the Net.
I am in the 1958 graduating class.
Went to Tokyo and Boston to study Physics. Living in Monterey Park, California, US, as a retired Methodist Clergy.
Good friend Dr Albert Leung from HKU, I wonder where is he now? He was living in Tin Lok Lei{lane} while attending Wah Yan.
There are a few class mates. I can see their faces in front of me... but alas, I don't remember their names!
They visited me briefly at my house in 49 Robinson Rd, HK, in 1962 before leaving for Boston.
WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IN TOUCH. Especially class of 1958, before and after.
Names come to me: Mr. Hung, Mr. Shek, Mr. Ho of Form one 1958.
My email addresses are and
My full name is Yue Leung Cho, Charles
phone number 626 289 3499 in California.