Fax Message
To: Wah Yan (H.K.) Past Students Assn. Ltd.
From: Fr. Joe Foley, S.J. Dublin
Pages: One only
Dear Michael & friends,
Thank you very much for your fax of 11th Sept., 2001. I am deeply touched by your concern for me and I am most appreciative of the good wishes you express for me and my speedy recovery.
Towards the end of July I spent 12 days in hospital, undergoing tests and receiving blood transfusions, since my blood count was very low.
Then, on 13th Sept. I underwent major surgery for "an occlusion in the bowel". After three weeks in hospital in Galway, I came here to our Jesuit Nursing Home to convalence. Thank God I'm making good progress and the doctor said "there is no need for further medical intervention" - so that is good news.
Thank you for your kind invitation to the Toronto gathering, but I feel it is unlikely that I will be able to do so.
With renewed thanks.
Fr. Joe Foley, S.J.
- 14 Sep 2001