Louis Chan's Message

Louis Chan's reply to Peter Tam's letter of appeal:

Subject: Re: Appeal letter from Peter Tam, Chairman, WYHKPSA
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 08:04:35 -0800
From: Louis Chan
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


I am deeply moved by the work you have done for Wah Yan. I have mailed a checque to The Past Studendent Association to your attention. Please accept my humble donation.

Your letter brings back torrents of nostalgia for our alma mater. You have touched my heart: I am still grateful to the many Jesuit priests teaching and inspiring us, not only in academics but also about morality, life and the arts.

There was Father MacCarthy, the powerful orator. Father Lawler, who made physics interesting. Father MacGaley, who tirelessly made the home visits. We were kept on edge in class by Father Daly, with his eccentricities. Father Foley took us swimming many times in Nam Wan. I remember Father Ryan, who gave us the noon time music sessions to compensate for the lack of music classes. His legacy continues, music is my lifelong passion and enjoyment.

It was precisely the appreciation for the values of Jesuit teaching that I wanted my two children to attend the Jesuit high school in San Francisco. The morality teaching is especially important nowadays. American society operates only on law, in reality the law could be twisted for anyone's gain. Many parents must have the same view. Competition for admission here is every bit as fierce as what we faced in Hong Kong. We are thankful that both of them made it to the school.

My daughter Karen graduated from UC Berkeley in the Spring, then she went to U. of Cambridge, England, on a UC program to study "World Economy". She is now back and working in an accounting firm. She plans to pursue the MBA route in 2 years. My son Oliver is a sophomore at UC Davis, so he has a few years to go.

I see Chong Chee Yee and Towie Fong now and then. Otherwise we keep in touch mainly by phone. Their children are about the same age as mine, in and out of college.

The U.S. is certainly a changed country since 9/11. We look at our priorities differently; our families and friends are most important now. There is a big chill on ambition and spirit of adventure. For myself, there is an usually strong desire just to stay home and be close to the hearth. (We canceled a trip to Austria in October, perhaps too chicken to fly.) Hopefully, the spirit will revive with the passage of time.

Best regards. See you soon.

Louis Kai-shing