New York City Tragedy - Messages to Share

As the phone lines were busy on the day of the tragedy (Sep 11, 2001), we sent e-mail messages from Hong Kong to some of the Wahyanites on the East Coast to find out how those in New York City were surviving the tragedy and ask if anyone was in need of our help. The following are some of the reply messages we have received:

Lap Yan Cheng respondeding to Philip Ching's e-mail:
I've talked to 3 of our younger members and they are all OK.
Felix Lau (HK '94) - his office is near the stock exchange and should be able to go back to work tomorrow. He said all his classmates are OK.
Vincent Tam (KLN '92) - His office is across from the WTC. He evacuated his office after the second plane hit WTC2. He had to walk several hours before he could catch a city bus home that day. He still does not know when he'll be back to work. He e-mailed his classmate Simon Cheng and received an out of office (on vacation) reply. His other classmate Simon Mok is OK.
Derek Cheung (HK '95) - He lives and works in uptown. He said Raymond Ho (HK '94) and his room-mate Vincent Yeung (HK '95) are both OK.
I also called Philip Sin (HK '92) and was told he has moved back to HK. It's a relief to know everyone is OK!

Milton Lam responding to Philip Ching's e-mail on 11 Sep.:
I'm fine, thanks for your concern. Right now, the phones are all jammed and it's unlikely that I can call you. But don't worry about me, I'm alright.
I'm trying to get in touch with Derek (Cheung), but I think he is safe. Other Wahyanites of my year are all safe, so that's good. We are all kind of shocked here, I will update you with more information when I know more.
Again, thanks for writing, take care!

Peter Lau ('68). President of US Eastern Chapter:
"Hope everyone of you and your families and friends are OK. So far, people that I know working in Chinatown and their immediate families are alright.
I am particularly horrified as I drive pass the WTC almost everyday. But I am sure more bad news are forthcoming. Let us pray for those who have fallen victims, so they may rest in peace and their friends and families have the strength to carry on.
It is times like these that we reach deep into our roots as Wahyanites to find faith and hope. Let us offer each other, friends & strangers, any necessary comfort and help. If anyone knows of anybody that needs help, please let us know. We are particularly appreciative to Wahyanites from HK and Toronto who have emailed me to offer their sympathy and concern.
We shall overcome. As Alan Lo, our treasurer reminds us..... In Hoc Signo Vinces."
Visit US Eastern Chapter web site for more.

Peter Yeung ('72), President of Ontario Chapter:
"I hope our alumni and friends in New York are all save and well.
Toronto is greatly affected by the event. Yesterday, nearly the whole downtown was empty. Most of the high rises were closed. Employers were encouraged to let their staff go home immediately. All public transportation were running on a rush hour schedule to bring people home at noon time. Shops were closed, all sports events were cancelled. The Toronto Film Festival, which is a major event in Toronto and of the film industry, also cancelled all showings, galas and media interview for the day.
It's sad to see things like this happenning. We all hope life will go back to normal soon. But we all worry that the worst has yet to come."

James Wong, International Convenor, US Eastern Chapter:
"Thank you for your kind thoughts at a difficult time of us. We are still trying to ascertain the safety and well being of our members, some younger ones may have been working in the disaster area. So far we have not heard of any loss or casualties of friends or families. We hope that all our members can be accounted for eventually and our prayers go out to those who fell victim to the terrorist attacks and to their families"

Alfred Kwok Wai Chi ('64):
"I hope that everyone is safe and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of yesterday's events."
-13 to 17 Sep 2001