Thomas Chow's ('72) Message
News from Portland, Oregon.
Thomas Chow Shu Wing ('72) wrote us on 18 Apr 01 after visiting our PSA website:
I was in the class of 1972. My full name is Chow Shu Wing, Thomas. I moved to the US in January 72, so did not finished my F5 in Wah Yan. I graduated with a degree in Accounting from the University of Oregon in 76. Passed the AICPA exam subsequently but never worked in accounting. Started my business in 1982 and have been at it since.
I have two kids, my son is 20 and a sophomore in UCLA majoring in Material Engineering with electrical emphasis. My daughter is 18 and will be going to UCSD (San Diego) in September, majoring in Electrical Engineering. I have lived in Oregon since I moved to the US. I met my wife, Bernadette at the University of Oregon, she graduated from St Paul's Coed. I am not acquainted with any HK Wahyanite who might be living around Portland, Oregon.
(Mourning the passing away of Andrew Li in Dec 99:)
Andrew Li was my classmate and we had kept in touch over the years. His full name I believe spells Li Chong Wai, Andrew. He graduated in 1972 and moved to Toronto Canada around 1988.
He was married in HK and has a daughter, Lucinda, who is 20, currently a student at University of Toronto. He also has a son, Leroy, who is eleven. His wife's name is Amy and they all reside in Toronto.
I believe Andrew suffered a blood clot to his brain in December, 1999. He was found dead in his office where I believe he was the operations manager for the Toronto branch of Kemper Insurance. I met another former class of 72 Wah Yan student, Terrence at Andrew's funeral. He is living in Toronto also.
So there you have it. I hate to be the bearer of news that are not pleasant. It is very sad to lose an old friend who is still so young and with so much ahead of him.
Keep up the good work.

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