"To Sir with Love" late Mr. Francis Kong 江之鈞 1936-2005 ('53 WYCHK)

The passing away of late Mr. Kong has sparked off a chain of tributes to this well remembered and much thanked teacher. Although he was never a techer in our school, reading how well his students remember him certainly brings pride to our School. We do wish to share with you those good words and feel sure we all respect a good teacher and a good Wahyanite. 信報 carried 2 particular good pieces on 19th & 20th December. Some letters were printied in 明報 too. Pls Click to view.

There are also forums that disucss this event, pls visit here or See the Ming Pao Link here.

A memorial Service was held in Kowloon Wah Yan yesterday and the cremation took place this morning at Cape Collinson. With the approval of the Kongs family, Mr. Norman So had also arranged for Dr. Dominc Lee ('84 WYK) to calrify some wrong impressions created by the media surrounding Mr. Kong's final days. You may like to read Dr. Lee's letter.

- 2005.12.21