• Obituary: 1981 Wong Chung Ming
  • We are sad to announce that Wong Chung Ming (黃仲明) of Class 1981 passed away suddenly in early December 2011.
    Being a cheerful, sociable and energetic kind of chap , "飛仔" (as he was usually called) was the centre of attention amongst his peers.

    Old boys who knew Chung Ming are welcome to pay respect on the evening of 30th December 2011 at the Kowloon Funeral Parlour at 1A Maple Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon West (九龍西大角咀楓樹街1A九龍殯儀館). May Chung Ming's soul rest in peace. (-Toby Lo 2011.12.24)

    黃仲明君,生於九六四年一月五日,肖兔。二零一一年十二月十日,黃君以突發性心 臟病,壯年猝逝,享年四十有九。 仲明於一九七六年入讀香港華仁中學,一九八一年中五畢業,為非典型之優秀學生, 友朋遍及中學各級各班,對人有義,對友有情,對師有敬,人俱善之。 黃君一生,為人寬厚,友儕莫不傾心結交;遽聞噩耗,朋輩莫不傷痛難喻。其為人 也,不愧華仁託付︰O Wah Yan all our lives we'll be worthy of you.