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BP Club

比 賽 獎 項 予 精 神 支 持

2004 年 度 週 年 會 議

年 輕 伙 子 聚 會

"Akela" Mary Tam 榮 休 晚 會

BP Club Objective

Often viewed as the PSA of 15th HKG Scouts, many also call us the "Old Scouts" but many of us do not consider ourselves "old" and most are in fact not old! The Club is a social gathering to enable continuous link for 15th members who are no longer in uniform to stay in touch with fellow 15th scouts past and present and to realize the motto of "A Scout for a Day, A scout for Life!" As a delightful exception, we have a few members who only recently took the oath and become a uniform member such as the Mr Justice Patrick Chan, Mr. Stephen Yow, Principal Mr. Tam, PP Michael Au and PP Andrew Mak.

Club Structure

The Executive Council

The new officials were elected in the AGM held on 1st Sept. 2010 as following:

The Members

Members are placed in 6 “Troops” according to their year of graduation and the Troop 15 for serving leaders. Please login at BP Membership database to view member listing.

You can view our AGM 2004 and AGM 2006 photos.

For your contact purposes the details are as follows:

簡 介

十五旅分會成立逾 30 年,會員達百人之多,致力聯誼十五旅舊童軍,實行「一日童軍,一生童軍」之理念。在財政,人力,資源及精神上支持各支部發展為己任。經常為訪港舊團友安排聚舊又為旅團舉辦大型非經常性活動,例如去年為服務本旅幼童軍團達32年之久的譚黃金蘭女士,榮休設宴。

在精神上向各支部童軍提供獎項以揚士氣。人力上經常由不同職業背景之會員充當 instructor 提供多元化色彩活動。財力上供應器材,捐贈基金及旅費予優異童軍到外地探訪。2004 年為更加發揮個人潛質,改革分隊制,以年代劃分不同小組活動,增加聯誼吸引,提高凝聚。執委會每年最少聚會四次確保良好溝通及延續性。


Our official 15th HKG Scout Website and BP Membership database.

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