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Hope of a quinella for WYHK teams went adrift ......

When the WYK teams suddenly put up their efforts to collect points in their last few matches. Thank God that the WYHK boys managed to win the top prizes. Deserved champion team MILLENNIUM kept their heads high after drawing their last game with a clean sheet for not losing a single match in all 11 league matches. Philip Cheuk once again proved himself a legend of the tournament and was again the top scorer in 7 out of 8 seasons. As a tribute to the organizers from both WYK and WYHK, the winners witnessed their seniors played a friendly match applauded by Principal So before the prize presentation. Co-incidentally, the WYHK oldies showed no fear and demonstrated they still know how to win. Please visit the link on the right for the final results and photos.

- 2007.05.12

This is the final score sheet (xls) of the tournament.

Football Tournament News: Defending Champion slipped ˇKˇK a new power emerged

The ˇ§sleepingˇ¨ Champion, FRIENDS, lost too many points and has slipped to the middle of the league table. All time favourite, SUPREME, maintains its form and remains on top. However, it is outperformed by younger successors, MILLENNIUM, who is new to the tournament. It is highly likely a WYHK duet would mark another quinella for two consecutive seasons. Six times top scorer Philip Cheuk once again proved himself a legend of the tournament and is again leading the award chase. The tournament will end on 5 May. Please visit the link on the right or the WYK pitch to witness the prize presentation.

- 2007.04.12

The Football League is Back

Care to move your muscles and have a test on your strength and ability? The PSA promises to bring you several months of challenging exercises and entertainment with your family, friends and alumnus. As one of our most successful annual event to join with WYKPSA, we need your participation and support to continue this tradition for the 8th year. Our lads got both the champion and first runners up last season and we wish to see the same happen again for the coming term. Get enroll.
- 2006.10.16