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Last update: 2009.5.31

10th Wah Yan Football League Report

King Of Football íV "Friends" from WYHK defended their title and set a record for being Champion for 4 out of the 10 years in the history of the league tournament. Given the aging of their players, it will be a great challenge for them to maintain their glory next season. The teams enjoyed a real good time in the 7 months competition and the organizing committee promises to continue to provide the fun and joy for all to celebrate the upcoming school anniversaries. Please keep an eye on enrolment for next seasoníŽs games by September. (- Peter Tang '78)

- 2009.07.17

One World One Dream
One Family "Wonderful" League

Let us ignite the Olympic Flame from our heart.
Let us continue the passion on sports.
Let us enjoy each and every happy moment on the football field.
Here we come to the 10th Wah Yan League Cup Football Tournament. Pick up your phone, call your classmates and fill in the form to start the ball rolling!!
- 2008.10.12