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Last update: 2010.4.28

11th Wah Yan Football League - The glory stays in Kowloon
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This season sees the Kowloon boys dominating the Premier League positions with the Hong Kong boys mastering the Elite posts. Galacticos 99 (WYHK99) and Dai Dui (WYHK88) managed to keep their enthusiasm in football and got the Elite Champion and 1st Runners Up respectively.
Favourite Nice Team, consisting mainly former Wah Yan Kowloon school team players got the 2nd Runners Up by beating AA, another team of WYK older boys, by 4-1. Youth United, a true Wahyanite union from WYHK and consisting graduates from 2001, 2002 and 2003 were shy in the finale after beating the last year Champion, Friends, and Nice Team in their last two matches. They lost 0-3 to Mofos (WYK96) whose players have proved that a small squad is enough to win the Championship when you have lots of concentration and determination. Yang Man Lung from Soccer Mania (WYK94) fetched the Top Scorer award by scoring 10 goals in the tournament.
Peter Tang (1978)

2009-2010 League KICKED OFF!!!

The Wah Yan Football League kicked off today. Due to slope mainteance work, the kick off has been deferred. This season, we have 21 teams and we shall be playing on both Satudays and Sundays. Tentatively, the final match will be held at the end of May.

We have a special kick off ceremony with Martin Kwan (WYHKPSA Chariman) and Alvin Chan (WYKPSA Vice Chariman) passing balls to Nickolas Tang (a WYK F1 student) as a symbol of the league tournament will continue in the years to come and will pass along to our next generation.

Friends, the defending champion slipped in the opening match and lost 0-2 shortly but they came back with a 3-2 win over Soceer Mania with their determination to keep the title.

Come along to cheer for the teams and join them and their families in the fun filled pitch at WYK!!

- Peter Tang 2010.1.30