Football Club

Last update: 2013.7.8


The 12th Wah Yan Football League tournament ended with great excitement and very good atmosphere at WYK hard surface football pitch on 16 April 2011. Four times champion, Friends (WYHK), won their fifth trophy after beating How to find you (WYK) by 2 - 0 with a stunning goal during the first half and the decisive goal 10 minutes from the final whistle when the goalie helplessly saw his defender allowed Friends' striker to score from close range. 281 (WYHK) fetched the 2nd Runners Up earlier in the finale day and the two WYK teams, WY2K and Happy Soceer got the Elite Champion and 1st Runners Up respectively. The Top Scoreer's award was tied between Au Yeung Hon Kit (How to find you) and Hockey Szeto (WY2K).
Principal George Tam and Principal John Tan were joined by PSA Chairmen Gary Ching and Tom Ho in the prize presentation. The wonderful football time will resume next season in November so get p repared if you have missed the tournament before. View PHOTO ALBUM
- Peter Tang WYHK 1978, Football Convenor