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Last update: 2013.7.8

2011 -2012 Wah Yan Football League Wrap Up (updated 02 June 2012)

For those who had not seen SEIKO dramatically beat SCAA by 5 - 4 in the HK Government Stadium some 30 years ago, the same scenario was displayed in this season¡¦s Championship finale. After waiting for almost 10 years, DELAY brilliantly stole the title from five times Champion, FRIENDS, with the same implausible result of 5 - 4. They must have wrongly picked their team name to wait for all these years! ........ Download full report    View web album
- Peter Tang WYHK 1978, Football Convenor (2011.06.02)


Download Latest Results/Schedule/Match Calendar (updated 17 May 2012)


The 13th Wah Yan Football League Tournament is coming up. For those who want to stretch their legs with fun and excitement and to play with our brothers on Kowloon side, please make your application as soon as possible. You can bring your families, girl friends and neighbours to share the joyful and exciting matches to be held during weekends at WYK. Deadline for application is 1 December 2011 and the Captain’s meeting will be held on 3 December 2011. Please view the attachments for details: Cover Letter  Enrollment Form

- Peter Tang WYHK 1978, Football Convenor (2011.11.15)


The two chairmans for the WYK and WYHK PSAs have the great honour of inviting Supervisor Fr. Stephen Chow and Principal John Tan to officiate the football league kick off ceremony. They were joined by a very special guest from Vancouver, Principal Raymond Yu, who travelled all the way to see how the Wah Yan boys doing. Mr. Yu said he last played football with the Calgary and Edmonton chapter about 10 years ago - no wonder he is still so young and energetic. Thanks for the blessing from Mr. Yu and great support from the school management to allow us to keep the football league going on and on for decades. Click here for some snap shots of the league game
- Peter Tang (1978)

Veteran footballers in action

Peter Tang and his 1978 classmate Simon Tam helped some of our C grade rookies training for their October intercity tournament to be played at Guangzhou with the Guangzhou and Macau U-13 teams. These boys have been training with the Southern District team for 3 years and, having won the U-13 Adidas Cup Championship this summer, they are representing Hong Kong in the upcoming tournament. As expected, the young ones significantly outperformed the oldies in the friendly - new hope for our school football team!